Minnesota Tobacco Document Depository
Basic Facts

1021 - 10th Avenue, S.E.
Hennepin Business Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414
E-mail address: mndepo@aol.com

Hours of Operation:
8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday (excluding holidays)

Operated By:
Smart Legal Assistance
119 North 4th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55104
Direct: (612) 340-1030
Fax: (612) 340-0019

The depository has 12 computer workstation areas, 5 non-computerized workstations, one conference room for overflow review and one special media room for review of nonstandard media, such as videotapes and microfiche.

The depository has a public review area open to litigants and the general public. Inquiries concerning the depository or space availability can be made to Smart Legal Assistance at the depository at 1-612-378-5707 or 1-800-526-8886 or by e-mail at mndepo@aol.com.

Copy Information:
Copies are made by an on-site vendor, Merrill Corporation. Pricing information is available at the depository. The charge is assessed by Merrill Corporation and Smart Legal Assistance. Copies of most documents may be obtained from the Minnesota Tobacco Document Depository off-site by telephone or by facsimile. Order forms may be obtained from Smart Legal Assistance by calling 1-800-526-8886. Smart Legal Assistance will provide callers with the current information regarding copying costs, as well as any shipping and handling charges that may apply. The charges for copying, shipping and handling are assessed by the independent vendors at the depository, Smart Legal Assistance and Merrill Corporation.

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