Minnesota Tobacco Document Depository
Indices Available

There are three types of indices that are generally available to the public and litigants at the Minnesota Tobacco Document Depository:
1. Indices To Documents Produced To Depository (The "4B" Indices)
Each of the depository defendants in the State of Minnesota, et al. v. Philip Morris, Inc., et al. lawsuit provided an index to the documents that were produced during discovery in the case. This index is known as the "4B" index. With the exception of Liggett Group, each index is also available on the depository computer stations. Generally, the documents are indexed by the following information: Document Identification number (Id), Author, Recipient, Persons Copied, Date, Type of Document, Title, Production Date, Box Number and at least one Request for Production to which the document is responsive. However, because the indices were created by separate entities, there are some differences in the formats used to present this information. User manuals at the depository provide detailed information about the particular indices.
2. Indices Of Documents Withheld From Production On The Grounds Of A Recognized Privilege Or Protection From Discovery
Philip Morris USA, Inc., R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation (individually and as successor by merger to The American Tobacco Company), and Lorillard Tobacco Company have made their privilege log indices for documents that are subject to privilege and/or attorney work product and/or joint defense claims in State of Minnesota, et al. v. Philip Morris, Inc., et al. available on the computer database at the Minnesota Tobacco Document Depository. Detailed user manuals are available at the depository regarding these indices.
3. Indices To Trial Exhibits Made Available By The Court Administrator At The Depository.
The depository administrator indexed trial exhibits, using an index prepared during trial by the parties and previously submitted to the Court. This index is currently available in hard copy (paper) format at the Minnesota Tobacco Document Depository.

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