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Philip Morris USA, Inc., R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation (individually and as successor by merger to The American Tobacco Company), Lorillard Tobacco Company, The Council for Tobacco Research--U.S.A., Inc., and The Tobacco Institute, Inc. have created indices to the documents available on their own on-line document archives.

Under the terms of the November 23, 1998, Master Settlement Agreement, the indices available on-line were to be enhanced with certain fields or their equivalent if such information was available. Because the indices were created over a number of years by separate entities, there are differences in the formats used to present the available information, including differences in the naming conventions for the fields of available information. At a minimum, however, the documents are indexed by the following information: Document Identification Number (Id), Author, Recipient, Persons Copied, Date, Type of Document, Title, and Website Production Date. To access a chart of available fields, click here.

Of course, each On-line document archive site provides detailed information about the particular indices and searchable fields available on that site. In addition, each site provides detailed information regarding the types of searches that can be constructed and used on each site.

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